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Caravan Outpost

Caravan Outpost is an oasis in Ojai, California, featuring 11 luxurious Airstreams nestled in lush palms and surrounded by communal grounds where the campfire crackles, music floats, and friendships deepen. A boutique hotel for nightly or group accommodation. An outdoor space for fireside stories, live concerts, yoga, community events, and shared meals under the starry sky. A general store stocked with camp essentials, vintage treasures, and hand-selected curiosities. A base camp for meditating on a mountain top, cruising with the windows down to swim in the sea, discovering Ojai’s artists, and sipping local wine. A two-hour drive from Los Angeles, yet a world apart. Caravan Outpost is a one-of-a-kind place where one-of-a-kind people to come together.

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